Being in Europe has been a very exciting experience, and I’m starting to understand a little bit of Italian and German as we venture through Italy and Germany. 

We are currently staying in Livigno, Italy; a town deep within a valley that sits about 2km above sea level and is completely surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It has been perfect for some good hill climbing rides, both on the mountain trails and on the road. It is also full of other athletes who we see out training wherever we go, whether they are riding, running or roller skiing they are all out and about, rain or shine.

Livigno is surrounded by mountain bike trails, which makes it the perfect place to train. There is a chairlift-type gondola contraption that you can hoist your bike into in order to reach the peaks. I happily took the opportunity to take advantage of this one morning to get more comfortable descending through mud and roots and do downhill runs all day!

My experience and training is beginning to be reflected in my riding, and I certainly feel that I am befitting from it all and increasing my chances for the world championships.