My first European mountain bike race took place on Sunday, June 5 in Granichen, Switzerland. I had the opportunity to start in the front row of 55 riders, which was an intimidating, but amazing experience. The track began with a long road climb, and once at the top descended into a rooty, slippery single track. The route was set in an extremely wet and slippery field of mud, which at times felt impossible to navigate!

After riding through a double feed zone, I reached the second half of the course, which consisted of single track, short fire roads, roots, more mud and a few cool bridges. The track then returned to the muddy patch of Race Village, through the double feed zone and into the next lap. I certainly struggled in the mud, and my legs were feeling heavy in their tiredness after two full days of travelling. During the race, I was determined to put all of this aside and enjoy myself. 

After a difficult race, I secured 26th place overall! I had an incredible time racing amongst some fantastic riders from all over world, and can't wait for the weeks to come!